Do you love creative writing? Collaboration with other thinkers and writers? A low-stress, low-pressure environment? (Honestly, we all need more of this…) Submit to the inaugural Prosetrain Contest!

Contest Rules

Prompt Options

I stood there, staring in the direction she went, bewildered, unable to utter a word but still strong and forceful, conflicted over my next action. Our long-lived partnership had came to an end. A rueful smile on her face had said a lot more than her words, locking my feet to the ground. (thanks, Narayani!)

“Why on earth would I be scared of a moron like you? Tell me!” “Because I am you. Or if I’m being precise here, I’m the ugly version of you, something of your own making. And now you expect me to vanish into thin air?” (thanks, Iffat!)

Write a story about someone who can hear ghosts, but can’t see them. (thanks, Isa!)

Selection Process

Your story will be judged by two people from the Prosetrain team, and given points in the categories of creativity, organization, and prose/writing style. A larger panel of judges will vote on the highest-rated stories, and select winners. First-, second-, and third-place winners, as well as honorable mentions, will be selected. Winners’ work will be featured on our website, with commentary from our judges.

No prior experience is necessary and we welcome all levels of work. Don’t worry about the professionalism of your writing and take a chance by submitting!

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Please submit the form once per team. We look forward to reading your submissions! If the form embed isn’t working, submit here.