Celebrating the best lines from past Prosetrains, chosen by writers on those Prosetrains.

“Well, little did they know that becoming an etymologist paid a whole three percent higher than the average annual wage in America. Americans loved their words.”

Basil Lera, Getting Antsy , chosen by Irene Tsen

“Oh my god. Whatever. I didn’t need them anyway; I had Google.”

Eman Hussain, Getting Antsy, chosen by Elaheh Khazi

“For this year’s marine dance competition, we will win with color.”

Nina Li, Dance For Your Life, chosen by Keiss Chan

“’Why didn’t you try saving me?’ it repeats.”

Eman Hussain, The Shadow’s Creation, chosen by Niara Dagli

“Guilt for what we had done entwined our hearts like the vines on that beautiful veranda, strangling our friendship.”

Lilia Vine, Our Summer , chosen by Irene Tsen

“I saw the thousands of small moments that made me fall in love with him, each one fleeting, and when I tried to catch them to recapture the joy I had felt a long time ago, the moments slipped away.”

Irene Tsen, Not Even Death, chosen by Allura

“But his definition of happiness was akin to my heartbreak.”

Najia S., Not Even Death, chosen by Irene Tsen

“But Elizabeth's mind was not on Bamford as the tips of her fingers pressed into the thick envelope. Nor when his voice slowed to a pitying, woeful cadence, nor when he reached across the couch and attempted to hold her other hand in his.”

Emma Crawford, Dearest Elizabeth , chosen by Emily Zhou

“The music storage room smelled ancient. I know that wasn’t a scent or anything, but when I walked in, I felt like I’d aged some years.”

Esosa Zuwa, In Treble, chosen by Eman Hussain

“Soon, nothing emotional or real was left in my system; it all became automatic.”